Design Projects

I can design, coordinate and implement learning solutions, materials, and programs for a diverse group of learners. Here are three learning challenges I have solved using the ADDIE model. 

Take a look below at what I’ve worked on so far!

HIPAA Training Course

Objective: To provide employees with the knowledge and rationale for adhering to HIPAA guidelines. 

Challenge: Numerous healthcare professionals inadvertently breach HIPAA, leading to potential reputational and financial hazards.

 Resolution: Implementation of a segment from an extensive HIPAA training program, offering practical insights into HIPAA application and assessing their comprehension. 

Outcomes: An interactive course encompassing comprehensive coverage of HIPAA regulations. 

Tool: Storyline 360, Audacity

Immersive eLearning Design 

Objective: Enhance the retention rates of newly hired teachers within the district. 

Challenge: A significant number of first-year teachers abandon the profession, creating staffing gaps that are challenging to fill. A needs analysis revealed deficiencies in the district's current mentor teacher program, where mentors lacked the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively support their mentees. This resulted in heightened stress and feelings of being overwhelmed among new teachers, ultimately leading to resignations.

Resolution: The development of a comprehensive training program employing various modalities to combat the forgetting curve. This program equips mentor teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to address common reasons for new teacher resignations. The eLearning course, a vital component of the program, is designed for individual completion by each mentor teacher, serving as an assessment of their knowledge and skills post-training.

Outcomes: The creation of a scenario-based course guiding mentor teachers through the process of supporting new teachers in areas identified as the most challenging.

Tool: Storyline 360, Canva, Screencast-o-Matic

Tips for Sending EMails.pdf

Learning Material

Tips for Sending Workplace Emails

Objective: Minimize workplace distractions caused by emails. 

Challenge: A survey of employees pinpointed their primary concerns regarding email usage at work. This job aid incorporates step-by-step instructions addressing the top five concerns identified in the survey. 

Resolution: A job aid designed to present professional email communication tips in a clear and easily digestible format. 

Outcomes: The creation of a user-friendly job aid that can be presented to employees for reference, aiding them in maintaining effective email communication. 

Tool: Canva